About Our Fees

Appropriate Investment Advice:  There's no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' investment.  Appropriate investments depend upon time horizon, risk tolerance, goals, needs and other factors.  

No Commission:  Point Loma Advisors works solely in the interests of its clients and receives no outside commissions or fees.

Very Reasonable Rates:  We keep our costs low and use the latest financial technology to do the things that computers do best.  

No Asset Minimums:  Those who are starting out investing are in a position to benefit most from Point Loma Advisors' cost-conscious, long-term strategies.   For this reason, we have a Starter Program with no asset minimums.  


Stand-Alone Financial Plans:  Based on substantial inputs from our clients, Point Loma Advisors prepares a detailed, personalized household financial plan to help a household reach its financial goals.  


Starter Program Household Financial Plan - $1000.  Designed especially to provide professional financial planning to starting investors.  

Basic Household Financial Plan - $2000.  Should be sufficient for most households with uncomplicated financial situations. 

Expanded Household Financial Plan - $2000 - $6000.  Designed for more complex financial situations.

Financial Planning Retainer:  Ongoing financial planning guidance and advice for clients that have already purchased a Stand-Alone Financial Plan.  The cost of the Stand-Alone Financial Plan, up to a maximum of $2000 ($1000 for Starter Program clients) is credited to the first year's fees.  No asset minimum, minimum annual fee $1800.

Asset Advisory/Management Service:  Includes portfolio monitoring and transaction recommendations for a household's investment portfolio for clients that subscribe to the Financial Planning Service.  Includes asset management for agreed accounts.  Requires Financial Planning Retainer.  No asset minimum.


 *no asset minimum - minimum annual fee $1800

**Household Financial Plan is required to initiate financial planning retainer and asset advisory/management service but first year fees, up to the dollar amount paid to Lyon Park Advisors for the Household Financial Plan, are waived.