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Media Quotes

MarketWatch, July 6, 2023, "I have $300k in my retirement account and my advisor says ‘he doesn’t make anything off my money.’ Is this fishy?"  There isn’t enough information to answer this question directly.  Your advisor is required to his fees in his firm’s ADV Part 2A and send you a copy annually.


MarketWatch, June 3, 2023, "I need to stop the bleeding."  If your 401(k) invested in equities has lost over 15% what should you do?  These fluctuations are to be expected.  Compare them to the fluctuation of a target date fund matching your time horizon., May 31,2019, "Is $2 million enough to feel wealthy?" If you have $2 million, you could live near the median U.S.  household income without working.  For some, that fits the definition of wealthy.


U.S. News and World Report, May 01, 2019, "How 6 Retirees Reached their Savings Goals."  Reaching retirement savings goals has much more to do with how much you save rather than how you invest.

U.S. News and World Report, March 25, 2019, "How to Invest in an HSA in Today's Market."  Health Savings Accounts truly are one of the best deals out there.  It's such a good deal that it's much easier to identify who would not be ideal than who would.

Huffington Post, January 25, 2019, "Here's How Much You Really Need To Save For Early Retirement."  FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early.  It's possible.  Here are some numbers, some risks, and other thoughts about whether this is the best way to optimize your life.

Huffington Post, January 16, 2019, "4 Signs Another Recession Is Coming ― And What It Means For You."  Make sure you have an emergency fund and view market retreats as buying opportunities.

Huffington Post, December 28, 2018, "7 Money-Saving Steps To Take Before Year's End, According To Experts."  Doubling-up two years of charitable donations in one tax year might put you over the top of the new higher standard deduction., December 13, 2018, "A year-end checklist for your investments."  Now may be a great time to think about converting some of your pretax investments, such as traditional 401(k)s or IRAs, into a Roth.  Brad Nelson, president of Lyon Park Advisors, recommends filling up your current tax bracket now if you anticipate a higher tax rate during withdrawals., November 22, 2018, "The best way to cut your stock market losses."  No investor likes losing money. But when the value of your investments drop, there could be an upside — realizing losses before the year's end can help you reduce your tax bill.  Brad Nelson, president of Lyon Park Advisors, recommends exchanging mutual funds for implementation., November 15, 2018, "How to get started in alternative investments."  Alternative investments are becoming increasingly attractive and more readily available to the average investor.  Brad Nelson, president of Lyon Park Advisors, and fellow planners in the XY Planning Network, talk about rational alternatives.  

Huffington Post, October 10, 2018, "Here's When You Should Hire A Financial Advisor (And How Much It Costs.)"  While not all advisors will accept clients with few assets just starting out, there are some that will.  Brad Nelson, president of Lyon Park Advisors, and fellow planners in the XY Planning Network, talk about the importance of financial planning early in life.  Because of the magic of compounding, "(y)oung people with their first “real job” and salary stand to benefit most from good financial planning." 

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